Strengths Zone is a distinguished Gallup Certified Training & Coaching organization dedicated to improving performance with strengths-based development, as opposed to weakness fixing.

Our approach to professional and personal development is rooted in research proven methodology. Your organization has unique individuals and teams, divisions and departments, leaders and managers. Strengths Zone will meet you where you are to craft ideal strategies in the areas that matter most.

Strengths Zone’s organizational consulting services focus on relevant challenges facing global businesses today: selecting, developing, motivating talent, as well as building the ideal culture to retain that talent. Our expertise spans the talent function full circle. We bring thoughtful assessment tools to develop current talent and future leaders.

Bottom line, we help you unleash the power of your greatest asset – your people – to reduce the gap between where you are now and where you need to be to achieve sustainable growth.



611430 – Professional & Management Development Training Secondary (P)
541611 – Administrative Management & General Management Consulting Services
611710 – Educational Support Services
541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services


  • GALLUP Certified Strengths Coach
  • Birkman Certified Professional
  • International Coaching Federation (ICF, MCC in progress)


  • Leadership Development: The key to improving performance is building momentum. We help leaders identify their own strengths then lead the organization through strengths-based data, not guesswork, about their people.
  • Gallup-Certified Expertise: Our Gallup Certified Coaches bring extensive knowledge and experience to deliver exceptional service rooted in Gallup’s validated methodology.
  • Talent Gap Assessment: Identify the talent you have compared to the talent you need, then discover how to reduce the gaps.
    Team Enhancement: We specialize in strengthening team dynamics through strengths alignment, promoting collaboration and productivity.
  • Coaching: A key component to strategic leadership, certified coaches bring deep inquiry to maximize performance, uncover blind spots and to lead self, groups & teams, and the organization.
  • Pre-employment Assessment: Avoid bad hires with expert assessment insights about the talent that will drive performance in each candidate.
  • Train the Trainer (T3): Your organization invested in getting team members certified, now what? Our T3 brings needed structure to accelerate the launch of an effective Strengths practice.


Distinct from traditional consultants and coaching solutions, Strengths Zone combines the understanding of psychology (normally associated exclusively with coaching) and the best practice strategies (normally associated exclusively with consultants), to provide a unique “best of both worlds” experience by utilizing Gallup- Strengths Based Science and CliftonStrengths. Strengths Zone has a knack for using talent data and experience, to refine leadership capacity, boost employee engagement, and elevate team performance.


  • Proven Efficacy:
    Gallup-based research consistently validates the efficacy of strengths-based development.
  • Tailored Solutions:
    We customize our services to meet specific needs, ensuring enduring positive change.
  • Enhanced Engagement:
    Clients utilizing their strengths experience greater engagement, motivation, and satisfaction.
  • Competitive Edge:
    Organizations embracing strengths-based development gain a competitive advantage through a more engaged and productive workforce.


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