National Conference Workshops, Pre-Conference Workshops

Strengths Zone routinely serves as Faculty or Speaker at National Conferences of various industries.

During the 49th Alpha Sigma Alpha National Convention & Leadership Conference Adriane Wilson was invited to facilitate two Pre-Conference Workshops. See testimonials from conference participants.

    This was one of the better self-assessments I’ve seen. Thank you for the opportunity to participate & for sharing not only the information but the actionable items that go along w/the categories.— Melissa B.
    I have done Strengths before & by far this has been the best explanation of Strengths and making it fun. Thank you helping me understand me.— Susan Z.
    I loved the last exercise where you highlighted everyone’s unique talents & how they contribute to the group.— Marty M.
    Great handouts & structure.— Jenny D.
    Very work relevant.— Leslie L.

    SPECS 2016 invited Strengths Zone founder Adriane Wilson as a Speaker during its Annual National Conference held in Dallas, TX. Exclusively produced by Chain Store Age magazine, SPECS brings together the nation’s top retailers and top suppliers for the purpose of learning, sharing ideas, developing business partnerships and problem solving. Check out the reviews.

    Adriane Wilson, a longtime SHSMD member, presented “Only the Strong Thrive: Discover Your Strengths to Win in Healthcare” at the Society for Healthcare Strategy & Market Development of the American Hospital Association Annual Conference, 2015 in Washington, D.C. Check out the reviews from SHSMD attendees.

    Only the Strong Thrive: Discover Your Strengths to Win in Healthcare (Advanced)
    Number registered: 24
    Surveys completed: 17
    Scale is 1-4. 4= very satisfied
    1) The overall value of the session? 3.94
    2) The ideas and information presented? 3.94
    3) The applicability of this session to your job? 3.88
    4) The appropriateness for your level of experience? 3.88
    5) The overall effectiveness of each presenter(s):
    Adriane Wilson: 3.94


    Overall good content.
    Presenter was excellent and the topic is something I can really see applying to my job.
    Wish it would have been a double session.
    Excellent job!
    Wish session covered both the morning and afternoon..a deeper dive would have been more effective.
    Worth expanding as an additional session.
    Very enlightening!
    Adriane is great!

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    Leadership Groups

    Reviews from Leadership El Reno, Class of 2016

    Adriane truly understands the entire Strengths program and presents it an energetic and engaging manner.— Jay W.
    Great presentation, made the experience worth going through. Loved it!— Erica P.
    Amazing motivational speaker!— Courtney H.
    Loved it! Engaging and fun! Definitely recommend to others.— Andrea K.

    Reviews from Leadership El Reno, Class of 2015

    Review by Blake McCrabb, M. Ed., Industrial Coordinator at Canadian Valley Technology Center

    Q: How did you benefit from working with Strengths Zone/Adriane?
    A: I have had Strengths training before, but Adriane had a different focus/insight that was not given to me the first time I went through this training. She tied my strengths together and helped me realize in further detail areas I excel in while letting me know it is ok not to put a lot of time into trying to excel in other areas. This was the best piece of advice for me. My long term goals is to continue moving up within the organization I am with and learning to hire people with strengths in my “bad” areas is a better route to go than trying to excel at everything. I like the idea of focusing my time and energy to what I am good at and let others do the things they excel in. I also learned that as I work in teams and put together teams the goal is to not bring in together people who are like me, but to bring in people with different backgrounds and specialties.
    Q: In the future, what type of businesses or individuals would most benefit from working with Strengths Zone?
    A: Anyone who works with people can benefit from this training. Managers can better learn to understand their employees and what the focus should be when assigning tasks and/or goals for their team. A person who works with clients would benefit in terms of learning more about how different people “click.” This helps them customize their approach to different customers based on the customer’s personality. Employees of a business would benefit by learning what areas they excel in and can focus on those areas and take on job assignments that fit those areas. The training would help them understand not only themselves better, but their co-workers, and their manager. This understanding could break down previous built barriers that have formed in the workplace.
    Q: If a potential client was on the fence about whether to work with Strengths Zone or not, what would you say to them?
    A: I would tell them they need to do it. It will benefit everyone involved, including management. I enjoyed going through the training as an individual, but going through this process with your co-workers and boss can reveal a lot of things which can be a positive moving forward. This training will help the individuals with self-confidence and an understanding of areas they excel in while letting the manager know who is good at what and can assign job responsibilities accordingly. At the end of the day, a team can perform much better, the employees are happier due to working on job items they are good at, and the boss has a better understanding of who they are working with.

    Professional Development, College

    Reviews from the INROADS/JP Morgan Chase Fellows Development Program, Summer 2016

    I really enjoyed the program. Since I left, I have been trying to put my skills to use in my every day life.— Jermel M.
    It is interesting to find my top strengths and realize the way I act truly resembles these strengths. After this workshop, I definitely worked on tuning up my top strengths.— Raelo E.
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    Reviews from the University of Michigan GEAR UP Summer Institute, Summer 2017

    Adriane conducted a workshop to engage 40 incoming college freshman in unpacking, evaluating and applying their Strengthsfinder 2.0 test results. It was a pleasure working with Adriane as she planned and executed her program. Not only was her communication impeccable, but her ability to engage 40 incoming college freshman in high impact programming was truly inspiring. My students are still discussing their learnings from their time with Adriane. She was generous enough to organize students’ individual results in a folder, alongside several other useful and fun materials. Both myself and one of the high school principals in attendance were also able to benefit from Adriane’s programming, as graciously opened her workshop up for any interested adults. Whether I am looking to provide a similar program for students looking to build their strengths or adults looking to leverage their strengths in a professional setting, I will absolutely reach out to Adriane again.— Rima F.
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    Reviews 1-1 Coaching


    5-stars 5.0/5.0

    I felt that the experience was most definitely worth my time. In a quick and efficient manner, I was given an in-depth look at my greatest strengths; what makes me different; and what I bring to the table. The coaching I received is going to help me better select college choices and career options in which I can maximize my strengths. This session gave me the confidence to make major upcoming decisions. I highly recommend the Strengths Zone coaching from Ms. Wilson.— Nathan D. on July 17, 2015


    5-stars 5.0/5.0

    Working with Adriane Wilson has been great. The Top 5 Talents identified through the online Gallup assessment were amazingly accurate and totally in alignment with who I am. The in-depth follow-up sessions with Adriane were a vital part of helping me to understand and determine the path I need to pursue. Equally important was learning how to communicate the right message to potential employers. When I walked away from each session, I felt empowered and confident.— Carla C. on June 17, 2015


    5-stars 5.0/5.0

    I had the privilege to meet Adriane over a year ago, and since that time, she has been a directional shift changer in my life. She’s simply an outstanding being!!!

    I’ve never met someone with a keener, more practical, insightful ability to remove the veil of uncertainty and fear, and make it easy to clearly see a pathway to ones truth.

    Her delightful, engaging personality is authentic! She guides an individual step by step, with incredible detail, on understanding the definition of ones own talents. Adriane’s gift to listen, really truly listen, with passion and compassion is immeasurable!! She knows how to unlock the doors to open up possibilities on how one can best serve. She harnesses what is…what are ones natural gifts, how to foster them, enjoy them, further develop them, and channel them into a true direction of purpose.

    No words could ever fully describe how grateful I am to have the beautiful opportunity to meet and be guided by such an engaging talent!!! 
I feel lifted and pivoted to what feels healthy, and in synch with my genuine desires, each and every time I have the pleasure to see her. What a powerful, magnificent force you are Adriane! Thank you.— Carita Z. on June 16, 2015

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