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    Too often, employers focus on what an employee is doing wrong in an effort to get them to change. However, research has shown that focusing on the strengths of the employee can lead to less turnover and a staff that is almost 13 percent more productive.

    Strengths Zone offers training programs that can help your parents, your leadership team and staff learn how to focus on a young person’s strengths rather than weaknesses. One of the tools used is the Strengths Explorer.

    • Strengths Explorer will help you identify your talents.
    • Talents are ways in which you naturally think, feel, or
    • Focusing on your talents can help you grow and further develop you natural strengths.

    What is Strengths Explorer?

    Strengths Explorer is Gallup’s strengths-based learning assessment designed to help Youth ages 10-14 identify and capitalize on their natural Top 3 Emerging talents.

    Some of the strengths identified include Confidence, Dependability and Future Thinker. These three talents, strategies to encourage growth, and action items to help students and their parents leverage strengths in the classroom and in life.

    Not only does the program identify emerging talent in an individual, it also provides them with strategies for exercising those talents.

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    What is Strengths Explorer
    Teach with your stregnths

    Research Based

    Gallup research has shown that focusing on strengths creates an individual who is more productive and confident.

    Engaging staff members in what they are interested in and where they are most likely to excel leads to better job performance, achievement of goals and more job satisfaction than a weakness-based approach to supervision.

    79% of students who strongly agreed with “My school is committed to building the strengths of each student” are engaged in school.

    When students were praised for good work in a math class, they improved their performance by 71%. In contrast, criticism led to an improvement of only 19%. These findings inspired the hypothesis that individuals, and possibly organizations, have more potential for growth in areas of strength than areas of weakness.

    High school students who learned their strengths and used them showed significant increases in self-efficacy, empowerment, and self-perception.

    Students whose strengths and talents were identified perceived they had more control of their academic futures than students who did not know their strengths or talents. In addition, students who actively developed their strengths are more likely to set learning goals and have a growth mindset than students whose talents are identified but not developed.

    Student Version

    Strength-based guidance is not only beneficial in the working world. Students also benefit greatly from strength-based instruction. Strengths Explorer is available for students as young as 10, allowing them to identify their three emerging talents.

    The program describes the strengths in detail and offers students strategies designed to help them use those strengths to their highest potential.

    Research has shown that, like employees, students achieve greater success if teachers focus on their strengths rather than their weaknesses.

    In addition, because the assessment provides proven strategies, students are able to take those strategies with them after they finish school, through college and into the workforce.

    Student Version

    Gallup Certified Training

    Strengths Zone offers Gallup Certified Training designed for individuals, teams and managers. The programs focus on strengths-based coaching that helps any organization uncover and refine their natural talents.

    Gallup research indicates that most methods of personal development are incomplete as they rarely focus on an individual’s strength, but suggest improvements in areas where the individual is weak.

    Gallup Certified Training helps employees, students, teachers and managers learn where an individual or team is strongest in order to create strategies that work with those strengths rather than focus on team weaknesses.

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    If you’re looking to take your students to the next level, Strengths Zone can provide you with Gallup Certified Training that is strength-based, which research shows provides better results than weakness focused training.

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