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Shannon Rivers, Esq. is based in Metro Atlanta, and is also a Nationally Certified Classroom Management Trainer. Her teaching credentials include serving as Adjunct Faculty at several universities where she has maintained a steady load teaching undergraduate and graduate level courses in Business Law, Employment Law, and Business Ethics. In addition, she has taught individuals how to succeed on the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) with a major test-preparation corporation, and has been instrumental in teaching/leading boys through the rank progression within Cub Scout units.

Shannon’s philosophy in teaching: meet students wherever they may be. In other words, she recognizes that all students enter her class with different walks of faith, histories, backgrounds, careers, interests, academic abilities, strengths, weaknesses, qualifications, levels of parental involvement, desires, etc. She strives to establish personal rapport with each of them so that trust, respect, and understanding will exist. With all three of those in place, the learning environment is much more palatable and successful. Cookie cutter teaching neither fits her style, nor lends to individual success in the classroom. “Every student deserves personalized and individualized attention, as well as the knowledge, skills and abilities to do well not only in the particular class, but in life in general.” Combine her teaching philosophy with the use of “Time To Teach!” methods, and the classroom/learning environment will be any teacher’s utopia!!

Shannon holds a B.A. in Spanish/International Business from the University of Tennessee and a J.D. from the University of Tennessee College of Law.

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