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    Executive recruiters understand how difficult it can be to locate the perfect candidate and place them in a position where they will not only thrive, but the company where they are placed will grow as well.

    At Strengths Zone, we offer a tool that will identify 34 strengths in each candidate in order to help you identify where the person excels as well as strategies for utilizing those talents in the best way.

    The tool, CliftonStrengths 2.0, provides you with the Full 34 Report, an invaluable method for determining which candidate best fits your company needs. It can also help you identify strengths in current executives in order to help them reach their full potential.

    Gallup’s Strength-Based Approach

    There is no question that all organizations want employees who perform to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, too many companies believe that they must identify the weaknesses in their employees and then offer suggestions to eliminate those weaknesses. According to Gallup research, this method leads to mediocrity instead of excellence.

    Using four decades of research, Gallup has discovered that focusing on employee strength leads to improved productivity, better job satisfaction and lower turnover.

    The process used by Strengths Zone is very effective when it comes to choosing the right leadership for your teams as well as choosing members of each team.

    Gallup’s Strength-Based Approach

    Why Strengths Matter

    One of the reasons your company should invest in CliftonStrengths 2.0 is that identifying the strengths of your employees is critical to success.

    Employees who operate from a strength-based mindset learn faster and are able to advance to any variances that exist in their position more quickly. Employees who work from a strengths-based focus are more productive and provide better quality work than those who work with a weakness-based focus.

    In addition, research indicates that there is less turnover, miss less work and more customer satisfaction in strengths-based companies.

    Much of this is because employees feel more emotionally connected to their job duties, their supervisor and to the organization as a whole.





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    If you are in the process of hiring new executives or developing your existing team, contact Strengths Zone today to learn more about CliftonStrengths as well as training programs that can help you with your decision. We also offer onsite training and 1-1 coaching.

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